Adam is available for Consulting, Keynotes, Speaking, Teaching, Workshops & Writing.

With a track record of delivering international keynotes, lectures, presentations, and working with architects, designers, brands, companies, research labs, publications, galleries, and educational institutes, Adam is open for debate, dialogue, discussion, and exploration around technological futures.

PI Market Apparel Opening Keynote: ‘Genetics & A.I., ‘What we can now learn that will lead to more successful and impactful products’

“Where this gets interesting is when you start to imagine how developers and designers might translate this theory into software around digital photography, in the realm of cybernetics. It will soon be possible to teach or programme a machine how to find something attractive or sexy. It isn't necessarily what that machine could do if it was created that’s interesting, the big question here is what can we learn and improve about the way that we live with technology today by exploring the way that the human brain reads beauty, validation and status cultures.”

Speaking & Keynotes

Adam is considered a thought-leader within the future of design and technology, and has delivered opening keynote speeches, panel conversations, and led discussions at the following:

BBC, Fashion Clash Festival Maastricht, Melbourne School of Design, Product Innovation Apparel Milan, The Vigeland Museum, Trinity College Dublin

‘How emerging tech can change the fashion industry in the next decade’

Workshops & Consulting

Adam’s understanding of emerging technology, consumer culture, and the future of the design industry has developed into a unique lens, leading to award-winning consulting and workshops with the following:

Audi, FIAT / Chrysler, Hugo Boss, NEOM Saudi Arabia, Science Gallery Network, Stella McCartney

“I’m curious about the exploration and development of this kind of project, in its ability to lead to a greater understanding and control of how we conceive designed objects and technologies. Be that a new lipstick, jacket, or building designed around an exact consumer profile, a digitalized wardrobe system, an internet dating service, a social media platform, a smartphone interface, or a genetic editing service.”

Teaching at the Royal College of Art, photo Sinead O’Dwyer 

Crafting Anatomies, Bloomsbury

Teaching, Lecturing, Educational Forums

Adam’s approach to teaching is centered around encouraging the definition of the cultural capital of each student to establish a bespoke, forward-facing practice centred around asking the right questions for a new generation of design. Adam has been visiting Professor & Lecturer at the following:

Architectural Association (AA) London, Art Centre Los Angeles, Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, Beaconhouse National University Lahore, Digital Anthropology Lab University of the Arts London, Liverpool John Moores University, London College of Fashion, Melbourne School of Design University of Melbourne, Pratt Institute NYC, Royal College of Art London, School of International Art Beijing,  Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) Los Angeles, Trinity College Dublin, Visible Futures Lab School of Visual Arts (SVA) NYC


Adam has written on emerging technology, application to bodies, and the future of society for the following:

Bloomsbury, HIGGS, Positive Luxury, The Fine Print Magazine

“Fashion design will be less about physically designed garments, and more about digitally designed online identities. This is the hybrid realm of fashion, marketing, psychology, cybernetics, cultural critique, philosophy and a mix of magic.”

The Fine Print, Post-Truth World Issue

“Who are you, who would you want to become if you could change yourself in any way imaginable? How is technology affecting who you want to be? How are the ideologies and communication strategies of brands playing into given anxieties, tensions and personalities?